This week, we’re lucky enough to have been chatting with Cathie Atwood of Emerald Eye Photography in Mashpee, Massachusetts. Cathie is a newborn photographer and she’s given Baby Bo Chic readers some great information about newborn photography. Read on to see what she has to say.

Being a newborn photographer has really been a dream job for me – I get to hang out with your little ones for a few hours, see how cute they are, and gush over their little details – all without missing any sleep at night!

Having never been a new mom myself, I do feel a little disadvantaged at times. I don’t know what you’re thinking the first time you bring your baby to a new place, or the worry that may come over you as you hand your baby to someone else. As a newborn photographer, though, I do know that the best of us care for your baby just as if it were our own – and probably even more so because we know it isn’t.

Here are three things we’d love you to know also:

You look amazing…and photo-worthy! I know, I know..almost every new mom I’ve ever photographed makes a remark about how she doesn’t feel up to photos. I imagine I would do the same thing, but be kind to yourself – you just created a little miracle! You might not feel up to it, but it’s so important to jump into a few photos. When your child is all grown up and you look back at these images, you probably won’t even notice any “trouble spots”, but I can guarantee you’ll marvel at how small your little one was in your arms!

Newborn Photographer -

When your session is personal, it’s so much more meaningful! Even though I’m a newborn lifestyle photographer (which means natural, relaxed photos in your home and few, if any, props), I do love personal touches!

If you choose a posed session, ask your photographer how they can incorporate things that mean a lot to you – Do you still have a family baby blanket that you’re passing along? Did you hang onto the ticket stub from your first date? These would be amazing to include! They can also be incorporated into lifestyle photo sessions – wrap your baby in your old blanket and frame your ticket to be a part of your nursery décor.

Newborn Photographer -

If you’re nervous about something or have a question, please ask! As newborn photographers, your baby’s safety is our #1 priority. Hopefully you’ll never be concerned about that during a session, but if anything comes up, feel free to ask. We want you to love your photos so if you see something you don’t love, please voice it! Also, never feel like you are the first one experiencing something – every baby I’ve worked with has needed a little break to be fed, changed, or just cuddled. These breaks are included in our session time. If you think you or your baby needs a minute, don’t hesitate to speak up! (To be honest, the breaks give us time to regroup too!)

And lastly, (a bonus)…I feel lucky every day that you allow me to spend just a little bit of time with your new loves. Even though it is a dream job, it requires a lot patience and practice! We are almost always nervous when you see your photos, even if we love them. A quick review, phone call, or note to let us know what you think is always so appreciated!

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