Grandparents will love shopping at Baby Bo Chic. Looking for the best gift ideas for a new grandchild? We’ve interviewed seasoned grandmother, Jane Button of Design 2 Market Success. Here’s what she has to say about shopping for baby.

What grandmother in her right mind would not love giving to her grandchildren?

I am no exception. I am blessed to have four; three girls and one boy, who are 2, 4, 6 and 9. I love picking things out for them that match their different personalities.
As a former children’s apparel manufacturer (who started out as an indie business) I am very aware of the quality of goods. I want products that are well made, age appropriate, stand apart from the rest of the pack in terms of design, and are going to last through more than one child.
It’s very important to me that kids are kids, I want to be sure they learn how to be creative on their own and learn to think. One gift can’t do all of this, however fostering their imagination to expand goes a long way.

If you were attending a baby shower, what kind of gift or gifts would you be most likely to give?

I particularly like giving heirloom gifts after the baby is born; meaning something like a cup or a plate or a Christmas stocking with baby’s name on it. In my family, we have many such gifts that are then passed on from generation to generation.
But for a baby shower (before baby arrives) I want to give something that is out of the ordinary. I want the parents to love it and want it to show how much I care for them and the new life they are bringing into the world. It must be something very special! In my case I might give more than one gift – or a basket of gifts.
I have given presents like handmade quilts or knit blankets, wall hangings, framed embroidered or needlepoint art for a baby’s room, beautiful knit sweaters and hats, personalized Christmas stockings, heirloom baby books, dolls (soft and knitted are my favorite), stuffies, and a toy chest or baby bag filled with goodies.
I am particularly fond of products with stories behind them; whether it be a story about how the product was thought up or imagined by the designer or a toy with a story to match.
And one thing I never want to miss – is a gift or gifts for the other children in the family. They need to be honored and not left out.

What do you think that new parents care most about when receiving baby gifts?
First time parents have so many things on their list and on their minds! They think they need so many things, especially with everyone giving them their opinions on “must-haves”!
But when it comes down to receiving a gift, I have to say with most parents, they are thrilled that someone thought of them and their new baby enough to give a gift whether it’s something big or small; practical or not so much. Each person is different, but I like to think that a gift with thought behind it and not something grabbed at the last second makes a difference.
I am reminded of when I was a little girl and Hallmark cards had commercials saying “when you care to send the very best” and my sister Ann and I would go through my grandparents Christmas cards and put them in two piles: Cared and Didn’t Care.

What type of items would you be likely to purchase for any of your grandchildren that are toddlers or a little bit older?

As I mentioned earlier, I like to match the personality of the child with their present. I know the colors they like, their interests and things that might stretch them a bit.
My four-year-old grandson is crazy about dinosaurs, the color orange, and loves to do puzzles and draw. The six-year-old loves dogs, reading, drawing and has a vivid imagination. The two-year-old granddaughter is smart, adorable, easy going, playful and loves her dolls and stuffies. She is a busy girl.
Essentially, I would purchase products that mesh with their personalities whether it be clothes, fun accessories, toys, games, books, dress ups, puppets, dolls or items that encourage creativity and imagination.

How do you feel about the concept of Who do you feel would most benefit from shopping from a site like this?

When I work with creatives in my consulting business, one of the first things I tell them is. “Make it easy to buy!” and what more could you ask for with Baby Bo Chic? Liz Nonnemacher personally selects products from makers, artisans and indie designers and innovators so she has done the hard work. I trust Liz and Baby Bo Chic to pick the best of the best which makes it easy to buy.

Busy people, discerning people who are searching for special products for the babies in their lives will love this site! – moms, dads, grandparents, aunts & uncles.


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