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We started Natural Clothing Company in 2008 once we realized how much toxins in the day to day products affect our lives. We are not a big corporation, we are a small business of husband a wife team in a rural area near Seattle, WA. We have spent many years fighting for our son’s health and we share what we have learned to help others.

There are better alternatives for people and the planet than food, skin care and clothing commonly offered. It is worthwhile to know more, so to choose the best option for our body; it is usually also best for the planet. This way we all win.

Even our experience as previous health food store owners — did not prepare us to hear the issues people endure with chemicals in clothing. Most of the conventional textiles are made of synthetics (oil based nylon and polyester) with no ventilation and off-gassing potentially dangerous toxins. Our skin, the body’s largest organ absorbs it. People experience rashes, eczema and myriad of skin problems. It may be a combination of food, clothing, lifestyle and genes –often hard to pinpoint but making step by step improvements is always worth it. Just start with a pair of organic socks.

Let’s respect what worked for humans for ages – natural fibers like hemp, linen, cotton and especially organic cotton. These are beautiful, practical, breathe, and… never go out of style! A true investment in your health and the well-being of the planet.

We see a U-turn coming in the throwaway, unhealthy garment industry. Some say that our human community is heading in the wrong direction ecologically, climatically and economically. Our own concerns run deep but the best way to feel better is to do something about it. Even if it is little.

Ourselves, we are far from perfect – we simply try to do more right than wrong. We garden, try to grow as much of our food as can, we cherish soil — try to restore more soil than we destruct. We recycle, support community and spread the word. Do our efforts make big enough difference? We’ll just keep trying.

We want life without poisons for ourselves and you, the soil and animals. We think you want that too.

Stay in touch, write us back, comment on our blog postings, try organic clothes. We are in this together.


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