This week, we’ve interviewed Meghan Burt of Remaining Meg. As a mom of two young girls (a baby and toddler), we thought it would be fun to get her views on shopping for the littles in your life.

As a mother of 2, a blogger and a fan of indie shops, what do you find important when choosing what to purchase for your children?

When it comes to shopping for my children, I always try to look for pieces that are versatile. Yes, it is fun to buy those adorable outfits that they wear for one special occasion, but that’s the problem, they only wear it once.

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, but I also like to make sure that my girls can get numerous uses out of their outfits. Just like with women’s fashion, sometimes separates are the way to go!

If you were attending a baby shower, what kind of gift or gifts would you be most likely to give?

This is a hard question because something that you might find totally essential for your baby might not work for someone else’s baby. That being said, I usually try to go off of the registry. But if I am deviating from the registry, I think a gift card is a great way to go. Don’t think about just the big retailers, get a gift card to a local or online shop that a mom may not think to shop at or treat herself to.

And when it comes to gifts, don’t forget about mom! Adding a Dunkin Donuts gift card for her will go a long way. She will appreciate it more than you know!

You are putting together a baby basket. What items do you think that parents would appreciate the most?

If I were putting together a basket, I would include a mix of essentials but throw in a few non-essentials as well since these are items that parents may not want to spend the money on themselves.

I would include those things that every parent definitely uses: Baby Tylenol, wipes, diaper cream, and heavy duty burp cloths.

Pro tip: cloth diapers (new) can be used as burp clothes and work the best! Some non-essential items would be a cute pair of baby shoes, a fun toy, or a sweet book. Don’t forget about items that moms may need later such as cute dishes, spoons or cups.

How do you feel about a site such as Baby Bo Chic where we support the indie shops? Do you recommend shopping small to your friends?

I always recommend shopping small! I do a lot of shopping, and I’m a big fan of small shops, online shops, and sites like Etsy. You can find some unique items you won’t see at just any baby store, and the quality is always better!

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