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Welcome to Baby Bo Chic! We’re glad that you stopped by to check out our baby items.

After nearly 11 years of running Wickedly Chic, it seemed like it was time for it to branch out and grow some “family members.” Baby and toddler items are what we are concentrating on at Baby Bo Chic. This website is not just geared to parents of babies and toddlers. Millions of dollars are spent each year by people who do not have a baby living in their home such as grandparents, aunts and friends.

Wickedly Chic has been concentrating on promoting and marketing products from indie vendors and Baby Bo Chic will continue the tradition. The sweet and lovely baby items that you see featured in our pages are from small to medium sized shops that carry unique products.

Anyone can go to a mall or shopping at Target for a baby or a toddler. But there is something very special about shopping intentionally for baby items and you just know that even if the baby can’t tell, the parents will love you for shopping with care. In 2017, we have become much more conscientious about what we purchase. Much more so than even 20 years ago.

Check back with Baby Bo Chic often. We will constantly be updating and adding new items just for the little ones in your life. We’re glad that you stopped by to check us out (and our amazing vendors.)

~Liz Nonnemacher

CEO and Chief Curator of Wickedly Chic and Baby Bo Chic




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